Goose Island Honker’s Ale

For the inaugural blog post, we are reviewing Honker’s Ale, from Goose Island. This Chicago based brewery has made a enjoyable beer.

First beer to taste and review.

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Honker’s Ale is an English style bitters that when poured from the bottle, is a light brown/caramel color, with minimal head.
First impressions by myself and my friends lend to a sweet caramel nose with a counter point of mild, citrus hops. One person even went so far as to say almost a light herbal scent.
To taste, it is notably a mild bitter. With a slight caramel taste that sits sits heavier on the middle of the tongue, the beer leaves with a clean finish.
One of the tasters, who does not enjoy bitters in general, found this fairly palatable, especially paired with a sharp cheddar cheese.

Rating: 3/5

Extra thoughts: I can see this being used as a maranade base for pork if mixed with sweeter ingredients.

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