Leinenkugel’s – Big Butt Doppelbock

As a drinker of craft brew, I cannot just stay within one state’s listing, no matter how prolific the craft brew industry is.  On that note, a good go-to that my friends and family pick up locally is beer from Leinenkugel, out of Wisconsin.

The most recent seasonal we’ve picked up is Big Butt Doppelbock.  Once the quotes of Sir Mixalot were over, this was a mediocre beer that was still enjoyable.


The color is a nice dark brown with a nose that is mild, but sweet.  Leaning heavy on the Bavarian-style advertised, it is malty with a sweet caramel taste, due to the five varieties of malted barley it uses in the brewing process.  It’s smooth to drink, with a soft mouthfeel and seemed to pair well with spicy food as well as beef as well as a 5.8% ABV.

Rating: 2.5/5, it’s drinkable, but not one any of my group of friends would search for specifically.

Recipe ideas:  Using this in a beef or venison stew to counter a heavy roux, this would be a good standby.

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