Wicked Weed Brewing – Saison V

This is the third year that Wicked Weed Brewing has produced this wonderful seasonal.  With 220 POUNDS of raspberries and French Broad Chocolate Lounge coco nibs, this was quite the experience.

When looking at this Belgian inspired brew, it had a minimal head on pour from my growler and a nice dark caramel color with a hint of color from the raspberries.  Aromatically, you definitely can tell that they did not skimp on the berries as it hits you with both sweet and tart notes.


This beer was also met with mixed reviews by my group of friends, as it is not a “beer tasting” beer.  With the tartness of the raspberries followed by a bit of a sour note, not everyone picked up on the dark chocolate bitterness on the back end.  We all agreed that the mouthfeel was like thin, syrup and just as sweet.

Yet another that you should not drink straight from the fridge, it does mellow and the flavors become more complex.  Comments shared were “I want more chocolate with this” and “I want this with pancakes or crepes!”

Rating was 3.5/5

Recipe ideas:  Use as a glaze for fish or in desserts.

Author’s note:  It really was delicious with homemade pancakes during a “breakfast for dinner” evening. Yum.

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