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Haw River – St. Benedict’s Breakfast Dubbel

The second beer my wife and I chose for this past week was Haw River Ales’ St. Benedict’s Breakfast Dubbel.

Haw River Ales St Benedict’s Breakfast

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What can I say about this beer? That was a good question, as I was left speechless on the initial tasting, in a great way!

The body of this beer was a nice coffee color with a tiny bubbled tan head. Aromatically, there was a slight sweet fruitiness with an underlying spice, backed with a coffee note. When tasting, there was a light and sweet toffee on the front with a wonderfully smooth coffee note midway to finish. Unlike many dark beers that coat the tongue and lingers, this was velvet smooth, light and clean.

From my wife, who was a self-professed non-dark beer drinker, “Oh, wow! This is completely drinkable!”

Rating: 5 / 5 (originally 4.5/5, but as we went through the growler, it has become one of our favorite so far!)

Recipe ideas: Lava cake! Using this in a recipe that calls for Guiness will produce a lighter flavor with a bit of a spice note. I have got to find time to try this.


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